Try Again

Many years ago, I started a “technical” blog, heavily inspired by authors like Jeff Atwood and Raymond Chen.
I remember spending a lot of time on my blog; writing in advance several posts, in order to have a way to keep a cadence; and eventually failing because too hard.
Also, looking back, I do not like my tone there: somehow haughty, and too strong in the opinions expressed. There were interesting stuff, but overall, I am not proud of it.

Still, I had a lot of cases where I felt like I wanted to record my experiences, and take notes at least for myself. And with my home automation project, this is something I have also done, writing down most of the changes in a wiki.

So, I will try again. For some time, I will have content from my advent of code; but I will also import old posts that I still somehow feel ok. And then, let’s see :-)

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2020-11-29 17:17 +0100