AoC 2020 - Day 22: Crab Combat

Again, one puzzle where most of the effort was in understanding the problem statement. And this time, I spent a lot of time because I missed one detail, and then it appeared only after re-reading several times.
That detail was key in making the second part converging, whereas I spent a lot of time trying to cut down on the execution times. I knew that the algorithm was wrong, because execution times are always short, but I thought I had to find some clever optimization. And instead, it worked from the beginning, it just had to pass the correct data.

Nothing really to comment on the implementation; I am not really a fan of it and it is a tad too slow; but after spending some time trying to make it faster and easier to understand, I decided to stop and move over. It’s anyways interesting, because in the end the same algorithm (with one small flag) was able to perform both parts of the problem.