AoC 2020 - Day 6: Custom Customs

Again an easy one, and again I woke up late :)

Also, this time I over-engineered the first part, expecting something more from the second.
Often, the wrong abstraction (or the lack of thereof) on the first part lead to a much bigger effort on the second. Like usual, in in software maintenance, btw. That means that one of the challenges in the first part is usually to try guessing what the second could be.
In this case, I was expecting some very different kind of logic; so I introduced an intermediate “Form” class to hold the single answer and to which delegate the calculations. However, already during implementation, it turned out to be just a holder of a string, so this class was removed in the final clean-up. Overall, it did not waste too much time; however, not wasting time at all is also one of the challenges of AoC.

In this case, the solution used extensively python sets, and the fact that a string is an iterable. With those two concepts, the solution is actually quite trivial.
Note that this is already the second time that I have to use a “buffered lines” parsing.
This was a hint to refactor it to a common function, which actually helped to clean the code in both places.